12 Advantages that leaders the seeding.

1- Even weight distribution on the machine en three sections of 8 rows, assuring an accurate Planting depth of the seed in all the working width.

2- Easy transport of the seed from the bin to the meter, assuring a delicate seed treatment

3- Front folding drive system through electronic valves commanded from the tractor cabin giving quick opening and closing of the wings (less than one minute)

4- Low hydraulic requirement as we have only one turbine, adapting the planter to a wide KW range (160 kw and 120 Liters/minute). This opting is not available in machines of central bin, as they requiere at least two turbine and adn requirement of 170 Liters/minute.

5- Precision Planting Metering Unit with electric motors that allows to calibrate independently the number of seeds/meter on the crops to be planted.

6- Options of Fertilizer in line or aside for high yield crops production. This option is currently not available for machines with central bin.

7- Variable rate fertilizer system through Parker hydraulic motors.

8- Row distance options 35 cm, 38 cm, 42 cm, 45 cm, 52 cm, 70 cm and 76 cm

9- Easy calibration for big seeds sizes as Peaunts, beans, sunflower, etc as we count with a contuous gravity flow from the bin to the meter.

10- Safe and agile transport with balance transport system, giving more stability.

11- The articulation of the machine in three sections gives us an accurate copying system in plots with uneven ground, contours, terraces, etc.

12- Great comfort for the driver to repair the machine, having easy access to all the components of the planter.(calibrations, reparations, etc)

Team Apache